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To contact the band for an event, please call Kevin Handy at

(703) 615-4526 or (703) 492-1000

Or you can send them an e-mail at the following addresses:

Kevin Handy at

If you have any questions about the Southern Winds Band's Web Site, or would like to send pictures to add to the Web Site, please direct all questions or additions that you may have to DJ MiniMe at

On occasions when we have an event, party, or when other pertinent information comes available, we send an e-mail out to people and let them know details of it. If you would like to join the E-Mail List, please fill out the form below and we will add you to the list. Thank you.

First Name:   

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You only have to hit the "Submit" Button once. It will automatically  E-Mail us your information. You will not get a notice stating that it was submitted.

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